Warranty Policy Document for Lunar LED Products



Period July 2014 to Present    

This warranty document states the Terms and Conditions regarding the warranty on all Lunar Led product purchased solely from Lunar Led to the original user.

Lunar Led does not authorise any company/person to retail Lunar Led products and Lunar Led will not take responsibility for the product or damage caused by it product acquired from any other source other than Lunar Led.

Lunar Led will only honour this warranty on Lunar Led Products that fail during "intend" or  "normal use" (that as defined by Lunar Led at the time of purchase) , due to manufactues defect that have been correctly installed and used only for the purpose of fish tank or aquarium lighting.

Lunar Led will not be liable for incidental or consequential damage arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of and goods or services it supplies or any other indirect damages with respect to loss of proprety, revenues, life or limb, personal injury and claimants remedies shall be limited to repair or replacement of non conforming goods or services.

*Once received our technical team will deter the cause of any defects*


Guaranttee on products

LED LIGHTS                              24 MONTHS

POWER SUPPLIES                   12 MONTHS




Warranty Terms and Condititions Summary.


  • Products that have been purchased from Lunar Led
  • Proof of purchase to be made available to Lunar Led
  • This warranty policy is only vaild for products sold by Lunar Led
  • All product have been installed with accordance of Lunar Led Guidlines
  • Lunar Led representative will have access to all defective products, if products become suspect the representative will have the right to inspect the lighting system and any other parts to our packages.
  • De-installstion of these products are not covered under this warranty or by Lunar Led
  • Installation of products are not cover under this warranty or by Lunar Led
  • Lunar Led will not warrant any lights,controllers or power supplies that have been fitted with anything that has not been brought through Lunar Led.


Exception to our warranty policy


  • Acts of God
  • Products damaged by connections to led or components that have not been supplied by Lunar Led
  • Power surges
  • Components that have been modified by the user
  • Overloading of the power units by the user and using non Lunar Led products
  • Water damage to the products that have not been water proofed
  • Accidental damage by the user
  • Products used in hot environments
  • Improper connection of all Lunar Led products that have been provided to the user
  • Mishandling, abuse, or Misuse of the product
  • Misuse of voltage regulated power supplies to connected to the products or controllers
  • Sealing the Leds with the following Varnishes, Sealer, Paints or any kind of Lacquers.


Any other questions please contact us.