F and Q's

How can I pay for my items ?

You can pay either using Paypal or by Bank Transfer

If using bank transfer then please contact us for banking information.


What is the delivery time for my Led's ?

Between 3 and 5 working days, Please remember when we are busy the delivery time maybe longer but we will contact you if it is going to be longer.


Are my Led's waterproof ?

High brightness output Wide beam angle Selected colour temperature to allow your fish,plants and corals to be veiwed in almost HD quality.

Calculated quantity and colour ratio for each size tank (red optional)

Can be easily retrofitted to existing hoods/flaps/lids or over glass allowing full access for your aquarium maintenance.


Are these LED's Cost Effective ?

Led Lighting is much cheaper to run than your normal T5/T8's


How can I mount these ?

You can mount these into your existing hood, cover or laying upon the top of your glass sliders, each profile comes with 2 to 3 clips on each profile (depending on the size of the profile)


What is the life span of my LED's ?

On average the lifespan is upto 50,000 hours


Will Red LEDS help my Plants Grow?

Red LEDS will help PROMOTE plant growth along with the quality of your water and CO2 that you may have in your tank, along with plant food.


Led Lighting with different substrates?

Substrate coloration has a lot to due with the overall appearance of the tank, and to a lesser extent, the fish. A dark substrate will absorb light, giving the tank a dark, Deepwater look, and will often times bring out the coloration of lighter coloured fishes. A light coloured substrate will reflect light, making the tank seem even brighter than it actually is, depending on the fish, it can provide a nice contrast for darker fishes, or cause a washed-out look for some of the lighter ones. It's really a personal choice, and again, do a little research and try to view tanks with different substrate "shades" before deciding what you want.


Can I change the 24hr Controller programs?

The 24hr controller will come pre-programed with 3 different settings, we can show you how to change the program with our aftercare service, please contact us if you would like us to show you how this is done.