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Absolutely delighted with my new Lunar Led lights and 24 hour controller. I'm so impressed with the hardware, software and level of customer service this company has to offer!

Thank you Colin Johnson

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Thanks again for the fantastic product, very pleased! Excellent service, thanks for being on the phone to me for an hour tonight teaching me how to use the programmer! Tank is 3ft deep and the lights are just as bright at the bottom of the tank. Thanks again, sorry for the poor quality photo

Thank you Daniel McArdle

My new lights By Lunar Led I am just sitting here in awe of these light amazing dosnt come close the video dosnt do them justice I can see colours in my fish I have never seen before.Paul has to be one of the nicest people I have ever spoke to on the phone he tslked me through the light set up in a language even I could understand from the bottom of my heart thank you so much Paul and Lunar Led for taking my tank and making it Amazing.

Thank you David Martin

fantastic service from lunar led spending time helping me to set up my times on my lights and nothing was to much trouble on which i am extremely greatfull cheers paul J

Thank you John Pugh

I was looking at LED lighting for my planted tank and I found Lunar quite by accident. The main stream LED light setups don't even come close. a 24 hour cycle The passing cloud option is just phenomenal! All of this with LEDs that out perform the PAR of others and far cheaper. LEDs have great longevity, with these setups it's so easy to replace a part of the chain rather than forking out for a whole new fitting.

Thank You Simon